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At the core of our handling ability is our scheduled flight service. Operating faithfully to an ethos of reliability and efficiency, we have identified key routes and established a schedule of flights to serve the needs of airlines, couriers and specialist businesses.

The majority of these routes are within the African continent, originating from Lagos, Nigeria. Our warehouse hub at Lagos MMIA allows us to store incoming freight cargo, arrange its movements onward, then deliver on our promises through our first available scheduled flight. Key scheduled destinations include Accra, Freetown, Monrovia, Entebbe and Malabo please contact us for a comprehensive list. The warehouse is open 24 hours a day and offers full security, trustworthy staff, packing facilities, safe storage space and the complete range of equipment necessary.

Our desire to respond quickly and flexibly to customer needs has resulted in a well-organized charter system from Allied Air. In response to a wide variety of needs, we can use our own, leased or chartered aircraft to move cargo by air around the world. We provide more than just the aircraft we ensure that its crewed, maintained and fully insured too.